6 Genuine Bosch EV14 52lb 550cc fuel injectors BMW S54 3.2L 01-06 M3 ,01-02 Z3M

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Bosch EV14 52lb/550cc 0280158117- S54


Set of 6 New Genuine Bosch EV14 52lb/550cc fuel injectors 0280158117. Genuine  unmodified factory Bosch injectors made in Germany by Bosch Bosch part number, Bosch serial numbers and Bosch logo stamped on the injectors. Medium size Bosch EV14 injectors, 48.5mm O-ring to O-ring dimensions. These are bigger size injectors then factory injectors, great for modified cars running turbo or supercharger, ECU computer tuning required.

2001-2008 BMW  S54 3.2 straight 6 cylinder  engines 

2001-2006 M3

2001-2002 Z3 M

2006-2008 Z4 M

by selecting 1 you get 1 set of 6 injectors

52lb/hr at 43.5psi [3 bar] fuel pressure – 550cc


Set of 6 New  Bosch EV14 52lb/550cc fuel injectors 0280158117

set of 6 new EV1 (Jetronic/Minitimer) adapters 

This is a high performance, high volume fuel injector. The fuel delivery is from a multi-hole disc.  It incorporates a wide cone-shape spray pattern for maximum fuel atomization for modern single-valve and multi-valve engines.

High resistance, no inline resistors or resistor box requires for use , stock ECU friendly [tune required ].

All New Generation Bosch EV14 fuel injectors will function at rail pressures in excess of 100lbs/hr, 7 bar.

Length: 2-3/8 inches, 64 mm 48.5mm O-ring to O-ring

Diameter: 9/16 inches, 14 mm

O-rings: Top and bottom, 14.5 mm, Viton

Resistance: 14.5 Ohms

Electrical connector type: U.S. CAR, EV6

New OEM BOSCH parts

Michigan buyers must pay 6% MI state sales tax 


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