Genuine Bosch 68# 68lb 715cc fuel injector 0280158235 with wiring pigtail

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New Genuine Bosch EV14 68lb/715cc fuel injector 0280158235 with wiring pigtail


 New Genuine Bosch EV14 68lb/715cc fuel injectors 0280158235 and wiring pigtail  .Genuine  unmodified factory Bosch injectors .Bosch part number , Bosch serial numbers and Bosch logo stamped on the injectors. They’re medium size Bosch EV14 injectors , 48.5mm O-ring to O-ring dimensions. 

68lb/hr at 43.5psi [3 bar] fuel pressure – 715cc


Bosch EV14 68lb/715cc fuel injector 0280158235
wiring pigtail
This is a high performance, high volume fuel injector. The fuel delivery is
from a multi-hole disc.  It incorporates a wide cone-shape spray pattern
for maximum fuel atomization for modern single-valve and multi-valve
High resistance, no inline resistors or resistor box requires for use , stock ECU friendly .
All New Generation Bosch EV14 fuel injectors will function at rail pressures in excess of 100lbs/hr, 7 bar.
Length: 2-3/8 inches, 64 mm 48.5mm O-ring to O-ring
Diameter: 9/16 inches, 14 mm
O-rings: Top and bottom, 14.5 mm, Viton
Resistance: 14.5 Ohms
Electrical connector type: Nissan


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