GMS billet drive by wire 103mm throttle body upgrade LS3 LSA LSX , gen5 LT1 LT4 GM Corvette Camaro

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GMS billet 103mm throttle body


Granatelli Motor Sports is proud to offer our 103mm RACE Throttle Bodies for the Chevrolet LSX Drive-By-Wire applications.  Our 103mm throttle bodies are precision machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum to exceed the demands required for increased airflow on all LSX performance applications, both naturally aspirated and forced induction.

Our strong electronic motors can handle upwards of 25 lbs of boost in a draw through or blow through configurations.   The GMS unique throttle blade design and powerful electric motors prevent the throttle blade from being forced closed under high boosted applications. Can be used with factory or aftermarket manifolds. This is a must for anyone running a TVS, Whipple or Roots style supercharger. Utilizes the late model GM 6-Pin connector.  The increased size also allows for smoother and quicker engine acceleration. Each throttle body is machine from high grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum.  There is no need to transfer anything over from the factory unit and the Granatelli Motor Sports 103mm throttle body is designed to work with all intakes  Tune may be required.

* Designed as a Direct Replacement for Factory Throttle Body

* LSX Chevrolet/GM Engines

* 103mm Inside Diameter Outflows the OEM units

* Dramatic Air Flow Increase Across All RPM Range

* Allows for Smoother and Quicker Engine Acceleration

* CNC Machined From 6061-T6 Billet

* No Need to Transfer Anything Over From Original Throttle Body

* Works with All Intakes

* Requires Late Model GM 6-Pin Connector


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